Remote multi-instrumentals and vocals 

I offer high level, high quality remote recording sessions and arrangements. As a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist I'm able to provide violin, viola, full strings, piano/keys and female vocals for recording as well as any arrangements for different combinations of instruments. I'm experienced and comfortable with singing and playing in a range of styles - from folk to classical to afrobeats - I also have access to professional male vocalists at any point if required. I can make single line or multi-track recordings with as rich a variety of textures and sounds as you need, from solo lines to full sections. I  also offer writing and arranging for those of you looking for compositional input. Services include:

  • single string lines

  • string trio/quartet

  • string orchestra

  • single female vocals

  • full female vocal section

  • backing vocals

  • full choir

  • piano/keys

  • songwriting: lyrics and music

  • arrangements


I am a professionally trained, creative, passionate musician and singer/songwriter with a love of collaborating - so whether you need pre-written parts recorded to the highest standard or you're looking for more creative input I'm here to help! I record in a dry, soundproofed home studio with excellent equipment and have a partnership with a professional sound engineer.


  • Aston Spirit cardiod condenser mic

  • 2x Marantz mpm1000 condenser mics

  • Focusrite Scarlett interface

  • Ableton Suite

  • Glen Collins violin (2014)

  • Modern German Viola

  • Maton electro-acoustic gutiar

  • Fender Squire Bullet electric guitar (rare model)

  • Yamaha Grand Piano

Don't hesitate to get in touch, I'm happy to chat in more detail at any point!


James Kelly - Composer